University Administrative

Ranchi Road
Post Office : Purulia Sainik School
District : Purulia
West Bengal
PIN: 723 104

A State University
Established by West Bengal ACT XII of 2010
The Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University act 2010
[Passed by the West Bengal Legislature]
Approved by UGC &
Fully funded by Govt. of West Bengal

Phone: 03252 202 419


Vice Chancellor


dipak_ranjan_mandal_VCFrom the Honourable Vice Chancellor`s Desk

Dr. Dipak Ranjan Mandal




Gratification on 1st Convocation, 2016

Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University (SKBU) has been named in commemoration of three gallant tribal patriots amongst whom Sidho Murmu and Kanho Murmu two brothers ignited the flicker of peasant movement (1855) before the mutiny of 1857 in Bengal,and Birsha Munda who shook the British establishment through his nonviolence movement leaving the Christian missionaries, Jagirdars and Zamindars infuriated in Chotanagpur during the late nineteen.

To pay honour to the values of patriotism, self esteem and to inculcate the same along with the view to broaden higher education even in the fur-flung areas of the state, Government of West Bengal has established this University in the District of Purulia, West Bengal. Though the land of Purulia became free from British rule along with the independence of India, Purulia had been incorporated in West Bengal not before 1st November, 1956.

‘’Our part of the duty lies in imparting education to all men and women in society. As an outcome of that education, they will of themselves be able to know what is good for them and what is bad, and will spontaneously eschew the latter. It will not be then necessary to pull down or set up anything in society by coercion.’’ --- quoted Swami Vivekananda. Keeping parity with the advancement of Arts, Science and Technology not only in India but also around the globe along with making an allowance for the significance of the local cultural heritage, historical importance and societal demands Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University is committed to cater to its learners in a holistic manner to transform them to a full functioning individual with the exposure to packed potentialities not only for self but for the nation as a whole.

SKBU is marching forward and organizing its learners to face challenges in life to assume responsibilities and brawl for justice to hold their heads high in the nation. i.e. development of a complete human being.

The institute desires to provide perpetual ecstasy through knowledge, humanity and transparency with dynamism all the way through exercise.

SKBU is dedicated to bequeath its learners with admittance to higher education through quality teaching, learning and research progression.

We do not desire to reach the Perfection that of the Sun but aspire to reach adjacent to perfection with a team game attitude. I hope, within the short days to come, the achievements of my students in this promising institute will bestow me in glorious defeat as happened to Dronacharya who nurtured Arjuna by all his efforts from head, heart and hands.