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Established by West Bengal ACT XII of 2010
The Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University act 2010
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Department Of Sanskrit

The department of Sanskrit started its voyage in 2011 with the introduction of Master of Arts in Sanskrit only. At the very outset it emphasises to mould its students to be equipped with the qualities of good citizenship. The earnest desire of the department is aiming at the preservation and enrichment of oriental literature, learning, culture, philosophy, science and thought. This wing of the university is actively engaged in to train its pupils by virtue of deep studies and research in the advanced areas of specialisations including various domains like Vedas, Indian Philosophy, Grammar & Linguistics, Classical Sanskrit Literatures, Manuscriptology and Comparative Studies in the sphere of literature, philology, aesthetics and poetics and interdisciplinary projects. It prays to behold a globe which will be filled with happiness and co-existence for which both the oriental and occidental thinkers have worked a lot from the very beginning of human civilisation.


Our department strongly believes in collaboration and cooperation for successful management of its activities and to achieve goals. Very friendly atmosphere is capable of to attract any scholar who have deep penetration in Sanskrit or allied fields. Though the department has only three permanent faculties, it is filled with experience, endless energy and young blood. Every teacher in the department is accomplished and academically very dynamic, with a great deal of achievement in their own ground of specialisation. The students of the department are very enterprising indeed and culturally inclined as they are academically. We are promising one to make a mark in academic intelligentsia.


The department embodies an assignment to encourage the usage of Sanskrit language and the researches in the various aspects of studies of its literature and to welcome the comparative studies on the scientific thoughts prevailing in different Sanskrit texts. This far-fetched mission is intended to focus on the views preserved in the Sanskrit text and criticism regarding the ecological balance, socio-religious life, philosophical exposition for the enrichment of social values.

1. To impart the knowledge of traditional text, thought, teaching and research.
2. To edit and publish the unpublished Sanskrit text and criticisms.
3. To publish a referred research journal
4. To prepare a departmental library with standard books and resources.
5. To conduct international and national seminars, conferences, workshops, symposium etc. on interdisciplinary aspects of oriental learning and culture.

Research areas:

Literature and Literary Criticism 
Vedic Studies
Indian Philosophy
Editing Manuscripts and Manuscriptology
Modern Sanskrit Literature
Comparative Literature
Comparative Poetics
Linguistics & Grammar
Scientific Sanskrit Literature
Sanskrit Teaching & Learning Policy

Future Plan:

1. Introduction of Ph. D & M. Phil. programme.
2. To open a language laboratory
3. To open a centre for Computation in Sanskrit
4. To open a manuscript resource centre
5. To open a centre for non-formal Sanskrit education
6. To open a centre of studying Sanskrit texts in Tole-teaching system


The department regularly celebrates Sanskrit Day and Rakshavandhan Divas. Our students organise Teachers’ Day, Freshers’ Welcome, Farewell and many other cultural events like debate, recitation, music, dance, drama etc. in Sanskrit language and in their mother tongue. They actively participate in university sports and cultural meets.