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Established by West Bengal ACT XII of 2010
The Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University act 2010
[Passed by the West Bengal Legislature]
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Department Of Zoology


About the Department:

We are located near Chota Nagpur plateau which is significant in terms of its biological diversity, also the untapped potential for tribal and folk medicine and knowledge is highly interesting yet often overlooked area of focus. Most of the inhabitants of this region are impoverished, and a truly International standard Institute for education and research will help this area to develop the highly educated human resource that will ultimately culminate into overall development of this region. Although we are positioned in a relatively remote and underdeveloped district of West Bengal, still we maintain strong academic collaboration with those Institutions various technologically advanced Institutions in and around Kolkata. Students of the department of Zoology come from area around Purulia and adjacent regions. Intelligent and highly motivated, many of them come from economically challenged back ground and some of them are first generation learner. Provided proper care and facilities many of these students will be able to successfully compete for the national level fellowships as well as various research programs. We have set our bench mark for academic excellence very high and at per with leading Universities of West Bengal as well as India.

Thrust area of research and education for the department of zoology.

As we are located in the tribal belt, our prime interest lies on exploring the vast knowledge base of traditional tribal medicine, sustainable development, biosensing and biodiversity conservation of this area. We want to train and educate our students in such a way that they can utilize this reach source of tribal knowledge and apply that in to the field of biodiversity conservation, development of biosensor, drug discovery and sustainable development. We would also like to conduct basic research in the field of immunology, systametics, biochemistry and applied zoology which will include locally practiced small scale industries like, lac-culture, sericulture, apiculture which also constitutes an important part of the economy of this region. We will also focus on aquaculture research by assessing local aquatic diversity and improvement of aquaculture industry. Our goal will be to conduct basic research in most cutting edge field of biology as well as in the field of applied zoology which will contribute towards the improvement of socio-economic status of this region.


We are continuously developing the laboratories and instrumentation facilities so that they meet the high standard of current research and learning in the field of biology. We have procured or in the process of procuring sophisticated and cutting edge instruments with the help of extra mural funding and University start-up grants. We have already procured highly sophisticated instruments such as UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Laminar air flow, ELISA reader, -20 deep freezer, Fluorescent microscope, gel documentation system, vertical and submarine gel electrophoresis system, Magnetic cell sorting apparatus, Ultra low electronic balance, autoclave, BOD incubator.

Vision and motto of the department:

The area around purulia is part of Jangal mahal, which is significant in terms of its biological diversity, also the untapped potential for tribal and folk medicine and knowledge is highly interesting yet often overlooked area of focus. It is our vision to establish a high standard of education as well as to transform our department into a leading centre for biological research. We are motivating our students at various levels so that they acquire a true “University” experience, so that a young mind transforms into inquisitive and enthusiastic student of nature. We want to provide a window of knowledge that connects these young minds with the best minds around the world, devoted to enhance our understanding of nature and mankind. We want to bridge the breach, pave the path and free the confined by showing them the highway of knowledge that starts at the doorstep of this less privileged nook and merge with the vast and boundless world of learning. We are determined to infuse our students with the idea that it’s only the knowledge that is truly “international”, a wealth that belongs to all humanity with out the prejudice of cast or creed, race or riches. Our position near the tribal belt provides us with unique opportunity to explore the potential of traditional tribal medicine, sustainable development, bio-sensing and biodiversity conservation of this area. It is our aim to develop a highly trained and motivated group of students who will be able to study, understand and ultimately contribute to protect the unique biological diversity of the area. We also want to equip our students so that they can carry out research basic and clinical biology.

Message from In-Charge:

Department started its humble journey in 2012, since then we are a department that is rapidly expanding both in scope and in infrastructure. We are actively procuring sophisticated instruments and setting up new facilities. At present two major projects are running in the department. We the teachers and the students of the department enjoy a very genial and jovial relationship. Faculty members of the department are extremely sincere and companionate, they are constantly developing innovative ways to teach biological science and make learning enjoyable. In order to motivate our students we are constantly encouraging an interactive learning environment in the department, we are arranging student presentations, assignment work, group discussion etc. as a part of our innovative learning initiative. We welcome all the aspiring students to take part in the development of the department. This department, a great possibility, will only be able to keep up its promising beginning if students actively and heartily participate in its progress. We welcome suggestions from students and their parents and well-wishers. We would also like to urge our students who are aspiring and egger future scientists and academicians to consider this department as a prospective research foundation where they will be able to train themselves. –Dr. Sankar Bhattacharyya.


To infuse our students with practical research experience, the department has arranged for a special excursion to explore the vast and divers ethno-medicine resources of Ajodhya Pahar, Purulia. Our students also presented a poster in a National level seminar. We have also arranged students visit to Kalyan krishi gaveshana Kendra in order to familiarize them with economically important pests of this region. Two major projects, one funded by West Bengal Biodiversity Board and another funded by DST-India is currently ongoing in the department.

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